The Big Google Plan — an opinion

Come 1996, Larry Page and Sergey Brin of Stanford University started the Google project meant for evolving a good Internet search engine. They did it successfully with an ingenious and advanced algorithm map and by 1998, Google became a public name. Unmatched internal mechanism that kept on self-improvising and external minimal interface did the trick for Brin and Page. The artistic creativity aspect added wings to their flight, quite later. Google’s reputation was established and going to be so forever.

Everything else stops there except the twist that came in the story. The kind of money Google earned as the biggest platform for web search, it soon realized it owns the very turf it plays on. And since then, everything has changed.

You search Google for anything. You use its sophisticated e-mailing service, Gmail. You use Google docs and save your files in its cloud. Your web browser is Chrome. You connect on Google+ as it is simply a dish served in your plate and put before your eyes all the time, even before you ever willingly say, ‘Yes, I need Google+’. Even before then Orkut was rolled on without much consideration and research on how a social network site should be designed. It seems they wanted you to just board the ship anyhow and tell all things that you told on Facebook. Their need basically, not yours. And even today, Google+ is no exception. Thanks to FB and other newer sites,  although the standard is raised, nevertheless it is still ill-designed, poorly optimized for users, with updates from Google hotshots pouring in for new users, without ever asking permission. You talk about ‘without permission’ and it reminds us of the location tracking stint Google did.

Well, that is not all. Your chat messages through Gtalk gadget are automatically stored until you change the settings. You read books on Google Books, watch videos on YouTube, check personalized news through Google Reader, use Google maps, translation, Picasa photo app, write on Blogger, and still more. Just count now how many Google things are right there! Everywhere you exist on the web, Google is there. And, you can never undermine what Google Maps and Google Earth are capable of.

All your personal information, your choices, your likes and dislikes, your whole damn talks, private and business e-mails, all of them and still more is under Google’s nose. Even the Android Smartphone you use is Google device. With Google sweeping each moment of your life so subtly, what choices have you got? Forget privacy rights and data protection policies, you would not even know if someone from Google is peeking into the minutest details of your complete hobnob. One glitch in their data encryption, and it would be visible to even hackers and spoofs. Either you are quite intelligent to understand the innards, or let me tell you, glitches happen, more often than not.

And, the way out? Do not make the salesperson from the downtown departmental store your best buddy and tell him all your things just because you buy all your household stuff from there. He might offer you great service and even free bargains, but it is better to get few things from other guys as well. And moreover, what Google deals in is not soaps or clothes or food, it is serious data business and every bit of your personal information counts, big time.

What about a Hotmail account for e-mail, Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest for social web (they are all different, of course), WordPress for blog, and so on. Trying Apple Macintosh as an operating system would be another good idea, as Microsoft Windows 8 is trying to re-link together all the services you use, via its own platform and a number of third-party apps. Introducing Sandbox on their platform was a unique approach by Apple to let users keep apps interaction with the operating system at the minimal best.

Keep your eyes open and start taking the world of Internet more seriously, get prepared and use some best practices before you really see some shark coming your way.

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(Disclaimer: this is solely personal opinion, evidence would be your own wit and observation, and a little eye-for-details.)

Fight or Love

Their reasons were never enough,
Songs never that playful,
Tastes never made harmony.
Despite all this, they kept up.

One day was fury,
Other was romance.
Sometimes they fought.
Sometimes they danced.

Minutes of hatred,
Minutes of love,
They loved to reason,
They reasoned to love.

Do all stories
Move like this?
Under darks of night,
Under day’s bliss?

What goes right,
What goes wrong?
What cuts it short,
What takes so long?

If path is true,
Ends never matter.
With each passing second,
It just gets better.


Copyright © Aditya Bhaskara, All Rights Reserved.

Turn at the end

Irish dreams in blue eyed sleep,
Won’t last longer.
Purple wishes inside greyed walls,
Won’t live forever.

Your bohemian thoughts flare up;
Light this place with moonsome fling,
How do I survive
The sting of fate?

The more you glow,
The more you make me burn.
All the more your silence stays,
It twice becomes my clamour.

I understand
You’re killing me,
Playing god over my mortality,
But that’s just fine,
I never loved life either,
Until you showed me
How beautiful it is.

Alaskan chill within my heart’s alleys,
Won’t get any warmer
Until you deliver
One sharp blow to my soul.

I would be waiting
To get over,
Whatever I sought,
Whatever you taught.


Copyright © Aditya Bhaskara, All Rights Reserved.

Look Back

On the busiest of days,
even prettiest of faces,
can sulk into nothingness.

Where is the smile
she used to have,
at the time when it all started.

Reassurance is gone,
And so is self-belief,
I might ask, ‘what you did?’

Look back, you would find a way,
look back, if you want,
for pearls often are left behind.

During those hurried hours
of the flight to well-being,
when you race past everything,

Surging on like unceasing greed,
you outstrip your own noble deeds; look back,
for pearls often are left behind.


Copyright © Aditya Bhaskara, All Rights Reserved.

the day’s only hero

He had a rugged face
that held forth
an insolent attitude.

He cursed under each breath,
and denied life its reverence,
on more than one occasion.

So, when he cried,
no body cared,
no body even looked enough.

For if they had,
they could see
his wounded heart

That was struck
by a bullet
and was bleeding him to death

Because he just rescued
a young girl
from the local brothel.

Stains on his cloth,
were green and brown,
for he had helped her run
through the entire forest.

His name was unknown,
but even though
he was a stranger,
he resembled the brave,
the gone and the present,
who belonged to everyone.


Copyright © Aditya Bhaskara, All Rights Reserved.

Sound of Heart

it was the usual tick-tock,
but it spun at a different time,
a time of merrymaking,
a time of mirth & laughter,
of castles & soldiers,
of kings & folks,
of a princess very beautiful,
of a prince miles distant

the clock was unmade,
but the sound was there,
of two hearts,
which beat as fast.

a story sprang forth
between the quiet intervals,
between the two far-aparts.

they wove a saga timeless,
and hence,
we are sitting across,
under this bonfire,
eager to know,
what love is like,
what makes its sound,
the tick-tock?


Copyright © Aditya Bhaskara, All Rights Reserved.

split second saga

our paths crossed
our thoughts collided
somewhat she wondered
somewhat did I

both, amused, paused
spoke one at a time
listened one at a time
our destinies merged

songs were made
music hauled
smiles rushed in
a story composed

until the last day
when she bade goodbye
our hands disjoined
and eyes met for a split second


Copyright © Aditya Bhaskara, All Rights Reserved.

My Silence

it is time you should know
that I am not a propagator of reasons,
that I do not follow quandary of materialism,
nor am I a polemicist withdrawn from vices.

I rather seek all and idolize none,
I am more into believing than knowing,
and what you call the pillars of ethics,
I very well know how many cracks they hide.

it is time you should know,
I don’t spend time earning rewards,
or weary consolations that information brings,
rather I learn the alchemy of each single thing.

I do not speak for merriment of minds,
I owe my voice to chagrins unheard,
and to befell many wishes of forgotten vistas,
silence, thus, makes one of my languages.


Copyright © Aditya Bhaskara, All Rights Reserved.


my heart shall dream,
a dream bigger than yore mind’s
each day and each night,
unlike nocturnal thine’s

i would let it fly
over frames and lines
while you would be dragged
under names all divine

i have no god
but i harbor a soul
it speaks to me
and I tell it things mine


Copyright © Aditya Bhaskara, All Rights Reserved.


fall in love
though I may,
would you know?

I may adore
you ever more,
would you know?

thoughts of you
may I pursue,
would you know?

I am silent
as stars, and burning.

I am concealed
like life, and waning.

for once and all
I may be yours,
would you know?

I may be one
you looked about,
Would you know?

Never’d you know.


Copyright © Aditya Bhaskara, All Rights Reserved.